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Olive Oil:

Our primary objective is to produce the finest Extra Virgin Olive Oil, every year. The olives are carefully selected by hand and are processed just hours after picking, We have three varieties or trees for oil production: Frantoio, Correggiola, which are Tuscan in origin, and the small Greek variety, Koroneiki. The latter produces a distinct oil, ideal for blending. As our primary objective is to bring out the fresh, herbaceous early harvest flavours, we usually pick the fruit between late May and mid June. This results in outstanding Extra Virgin Olive Oil. In 2007, Panton Hill Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil, received a Silver Medal in the Australian Golden Olive Oil Awards. This oil is ideal for salads, pasta, or enjoying with some crusty bread.

PHE Oils

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (From left to right)
2 litre Cask (Keeps oil fresh to the last drop!)
500ml Bottle
250ml Bottle

Table Olives:

Our olives are hand picked and preserved on the Estate. Individual attention is given to every tree, whether the activity be cultivation, irrigation, pruning or harvesting. This means that the quality of the fruit is of the highst standard.
Our olives are preserved in small pickling barrels, which ensures that the fruit is not crushed and remains firm until eaten. It is a labour intensive process requiring daily washing to remove bitterness, then preserving them in a brine solution. After some months, they are then bottled in a fresh solution of salt, vinegar and water. There are no chemicals or colours used in any pert of this process which ensures that the natural taste and colours are preserved.

PHE Olives

Gourmet Olives
Kalamata Olives 300g
Large, glossy, black greek variety bursting with flavour.
Gourmet Blend 300g
A mix of Kalamata & small, spicy Koroneiki olives.
Californian Queen 300g
Large green table olives. Firm flesh with a fresh, zesty flavour.

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